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MarkMonitor launches Dark Web and Cyber Intelligence monitoring for the ultimate protection against cyber threats

San Francisco, CA: August 1, 2016 - MarkMonitor®, the world leader in enterprise brand protection, today announced the launch of a new solution to help protect businesses against the growing number of threats in the most obscure regions of the Internet – the dark web.

MarkMonitor Dark Web and Cyber Intelligence™ provides monitoring in the Dark Web, Deep Web, chat rooms, Pastebin, forums and threat actor groups in social networks. It delivers near real-time alerts for threats that can be detected before, during and after a cyberattack happens.

The Surface Web is the visible content that is indexed by search engines and only makes up 4% of the Internet. The Deep Web and Dark Web accounts for the other 96% and includes unindexed webpages, limited access content and gated information. A portion of this unindexed web is Dark Web, a collection of websites and content buried deep beneath the surface web, where IP addresses are hidden and threat actors can operate anonymously. In the Dark Web, fraudsters sell data stolen via phishing and malware attacks, offer criminal services for hire and provide tutorials on codebreaking. This drives the surge in cyberattacks targeting corporate infrastructure, yet companies are having a hard time keeping up with the onslaught.

The MarkMonitor Dark Web and Cyber Intelligence solution uses automated processes to monitor and identify threats across multiple cyber-crime zones. Customised search keywords in over 150 languages deliver insight into specific threat activity. Automated technology mimics the human behaviour needed to interact with cyber-criminals and infiltrate their networks in order to detect threats and analyse interactions between networks of fraudsters.

The solution provides businesses with near real-time alerts to quickly identify, analyse and take the necessary action to minimise the damage and ensure appropriate security measures are put in place. If an attack has already occurred, the alerts will enable the organisation to understand the extent of the breach and take further steps to mitigate any impact.

"Many companies focus their brand protection strategies on monitoring and enforcing against abuse on the Surface Web", said Akino Chikada, Senior Product Marketing Manager, MarkMonitor. "However, the number of cyberattacks that are propagated by activity in the Dark Web are steadily rising. Being aware of what is happening in the Dark Web has become just as important, if not more so, than monitoring the Surface Web – especially since fraudsters are actively seeking to evade detection."

"Threat actors are using the Dark Web to exchange information as they plan an attack or to sell stolen data, which is why it is critical for companies to gain near real-time visibility into these areas so they can act decisively to protect their business. In order to infiltrate these networks, organisations must build a level of trust with hackers and fraudsters, which is time consuming and labour-intensive to do manually.

"Our new solution will provide the highest levels of intelligence needed to help organisations take the right steps to protect their financial assets, brands and customer reputations," Chikada concludes.

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MarkMonitor, the global leader in enterprise brand protection, offers comprehensive solutions and services that safeguard brands, reputation and revenue from online risks. With end-to-end solutions that address the growing threats of online fraud, brand abuse and unauthorised channels, MarkMonitor enables a secure Internet for businesses and their customers. The company’s exclusive access to data combined with its patented real-time prevention, detection and response capabilities provide wide-ranging protection against the ever-changing online risks faced by brands today. For more information, visit

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