Strategic Alliances


MarkMonitor® partners with Microsoft to improve consumer confidence in embracing the Internet as a safe place to transact business. MarkMonitor provides critical information helping to protect consumers from accessing sites that attempt to steal consumer identities. MarkMonitor provides Microsoft with information about confirmed phish attacks, for use by the company's Microsoft® Phishing Filter and SmartScreen™ Technology.


Yahoo! Inc. is a leading global Internet brand. MarkMonitor helps protect Yahoo!'s customers by providing phish detection services, which safeguard Yahoo! users against phishing attacks and also help defend Yahoo! from attacks against its brand.

America Online (AOL)

America Online, Inc. and its subsidiaries operate a leading network of Web brands and the largest Internet access subscription service in the United States; AOL is also a leading host of consumer email addresses. MarkMonitor provides phish detection services as part of AOL's filtering strategy for protecting AOL's consumers against identity theft. MarkMonitor also assists AOL in its efforts to detect and shut down known criminal activities related to identity theft.


Together, MarkMonitor and Kroll help companies protect and enhance the integrity of their brands by bridging the gap between the virtual and physical worlds. Through an integrated offering comprising prevention, investigation, recovery, measurement and monitoring solutions, Kroll is a powerful and resourceful partner for companies looking to implement proactive solutions in defense of their brands, trademarks, intellectual property and corporate reputation.

Anti-Phishing Working Group

The Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) is the worldwide coalition unifying the global response to cybercrime across industry, government and law-enforcement sectors. MarkMonitor provides phish detection and verification services for APWG and it's 2000+ members that report potential phish attacks. MarkMonitor is a Steering Committee member of the APWG and is a primary source of industry statistics related to phishing attacks.


Based in Washington, D.C., Winvale is a government sales consultancy and advisor on business strategy and procurement. By placing its solutions and services on Winvale's contract vehicles, MarkMonitor is able to conduct business quickly and easily with federal, state and local government buyers. Winvale's client portfolio includes many emerging technology firms as well as Fortune 500 and international companies.

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