On-Demand Webinar

Brand and AntiFraud Enforcement Strategies

Stefanie Ellis
Director, AntiFraud Product Marketing Manager
Dustin Richards
Manager, Brand Operations

Brand reputation can be influenced by many external factors. The risk of online threats can equate to reduced public perception, lost revenue, and increased operating costs. The exposure of doing business online heightens the risk to both organizational reputation and security concerns. Online threats and misuse of intellectual property can take different forms depending on intent – brand infringing or malicious. Responding appropriately to the different online threats can save time and money for an organization. The new gTLD program allows registries broad, unilateral discretion to upcharge for premium domain names and to reserve others outright. Brand owners and registrars alike find registry premium and reserved domain names frustrating and confusing.

Watch MarkMonitor Brand and AntiFraud experts Stefanie Ellis and Dustin Richards as they discuss how to determine the best enforcement strategies to use for different types of fraudulent brand infringements.

During this webinar, you’ll learn about best practices on enforcements for:

  • Traffic diversion and false association websites
  • BEC/EAC/employee Spearphishing attacks
  • Consumer phishing attacks

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