Protect your brand where it counts

The truth about securing your enterprise online may surprise you.

Improved ROI, smarter technology and better reporting are just a few reasons why consumer-centric solutions are changing the way brand owners establish their digital presence.

Most brand protection models fail to focus on places that matter most — that is, where consumers shop. Did you know that 92 percent of search engine traffic never ventures beyond the first page of results, or that 85 percent of marketplace traffic never looks past the first five pages? Smarter technology can strengthen your defense strategy.

Protect the paths your consumers take to find you. Get a clear picture of what your consumer sees when searching your brand.

Report highlights:

  • Groundbreaking innovations, including geo-targeted technology that leverages thousands of IP proxies around the world to return results by shopper location
  • Native search tools that reveal the listings most visible to your consumer
  • Streamlined, easy-to-read reports show managers and teams the success of your efforts

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