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The Power of Paid Search in your Brand Protection Program

Daniel Morton
Portfolio Marketing Manager

Every day, brand infringers leverage technology to exploit your customers and diminish your valuable brand equity. Among digital channels, paid search ads land among the easiest and most commonly used. In just seconds, infringers can create ads seen by millions. Even so, most brands spend little time monitoring this channel.

Join MarkMonitor Portfolio Marketing Manager Daniel Morton as he discusses strategies used by paid search infringers to trick consumers into clicking on phony ads. Regardless of industry, all brands are at risk — and with evolving threats around the world, you’ll need a solution that pits geo-targeted technology against offenders for maximum impact. Listen in for insights on how to gain visibility on the crimes and content that counts most toward your bottom line.

During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  1. How paid search scams rob you of customers and revenue
  2. How to fortify this channel with just a few simple brand protection tweaks
  3. Why your consumer’s location matters and how to gain visibility on your biggest threats — anywhere in the world

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