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Learning @ MarkMonitor is an online training program created exclusively for MarkMonitor customers that offers easy-to-follow, short e-learning instruction on domain and brand industry fundamentals. The program covers domain management and brand protection concepts and best practices with content designed for domain administrators and brand protection professionals.

MarkMonitor is committed to client advocacy and education and we are excited to add this program to our suite of educational offerings including webinars, brown bag trainings, monthly newsletters, industry reports, user group meetings and the annual user forum.

Available e-Learning Courses

Brand Infringement and Phishing Fraud

This course concentrates on helping individuals tasked with brand protection and domain management learn how to recognize the different types of brand abuse they see on a regular basis. Companies are faced with a daily barrage of online intellectual property threats that they want to protect employees and customers from, but they often struggle with identifying the best way to deal with those infringements. After completing this course, domain administrators and brand protection professionals should be able to better identify what type of infringement is being presented and decide what type of enforcement action may be applicable. The three learning modules in this course include Phishing Fraud & Malware 101, Brand Infringement vs Phishing Fraud: How to Tell the Difference and Brand Infringement or Phishing Fraud? You Decide!

Domains and Security

This course focuses on the increasingly complex challenges domain administrators face while managing international domain name portfolios. Every day administrators must make important decisions about where, when, and how to register domain names, and in the ever-changing landscape of the domain management world, security is more important than ever before. The Domains and Security course is broken into five modules, including Domain Security Best Practices, How MarkMonitor Protects Your Domain Portfolio, Interpreting a Domain WHOIS Record in a Post-GDPR World, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificates, and Creating a Domain Policy for Security and

Domains and the Internet

This course addresses internet basics, and was designed to be a comprehensive learning experience for MarkMonitor customers. After completing this course, domain administrators and brand protection professionals should have a better familiarity with ICANN and Internet coordinating bodies; as well as the structure of domain names and internationalized and emoji domain names. This 3-part course consists of three learning modules, including ICANN and Other Coordinating Bodies, Anatomy of a Domain Name, and Internationalized and Emoji Domain Names.

DNS Basic Certification

This course was developed to help users understand what DNS is and how it works to resolve websites. At the end of the course, domain administrators will be able to understand what a zone file is and how it relates to DNS, identify the top three ways in which DNS errors cause issues, and troubleshoot steps to resolve three common DNS issues.

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Course Content

Micro Learning Videos

Short videos provide an audio-visual aid.

Interactive Content

Interactive e-learning lets you engage with the material as you learn.

Scenario-based Learning

Apply your knowledge to real scenarios, preparing you to utilize your new skills in the workplace.

Troubleshooting Process Workflows

Learn how to use flowcharts to troubleshoot difficult scenarios.

Glossary of Terms

Become comfortable using job specific terminology with the course’s glossary of terms.

Knowledge Check

Test your knowledge to ensure you have retained the information and know how to use it in real scenarios.


The Learning @ MarkMonitor Program is a complimentary benefit for MarkMonitor clients. Pricing for future courses will be listed as they are released.

How to Enroll

Enroll in the training program by contacting your Customer Service Manager, Domain or Brand Client Services Manager or the Training Team.

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