A Win for Creativity - Get it Right from a Genuine Site

Global Head of Marketing, MarkMonitor

On 23rd October, 2015 an advertising and consumer engagement campaign was launched in the UK to promote a new education initiative called Get it Right from a Genuine Site. Its aim is to encourage respect for the value of creativity in the UK and to boost consumer awareness and use of the wide range of legal sources of content available to them.

The campaign is a collaborative effort between content creators from the worlds of film, TV, and music, government, trade unions, retailers, Internet Service Providers and other creative sectors - the very first of its kind.

Here at MarkMonitor we’re proud to be supporting such a worthwhile initiative that supports the value of creativity. In case you have missed any of the coverage to date you can watch the TV ad here.

Those of you who are interested in finding out more about the campaign visit: www.getitrightfromagenuinesite.org


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