Best Practices from Verizon, Proactively Mitigating Emerging Fraudulent Activities

On Wednesday, February 24, I hosted a webinar—Best Practices from Verizon, Proactively Mitigating Emerging Fraudulent Activities—with Patrick Flaherty, Assistant General Counsel for Marketing, IP & New Media Law & Policy at Verizon.

Verizon, the largest wireless company in the U.S. with more than 110 million customers across the country, is committed to providing excellent customer service and exceptional communications and entertainment experiences. However, this commitment is challenged by the prevalence of phishing attacks that harm the famous Verizon brand. Specifically, fraudsters attempt to steal customer information, including account usernames and passwords and generate bogus charges that are for everything from popular smartphones and tablet computers purchases to long-distance calls billed to customers’ accounts. To reduce the incidence and cost of phishing attacks, Verizon successfully integrated MarkMonitor Anti-Fraud solutions with other internal security measures as part of a larger concerted effort to educate and protect customers and prevent Verizon fraud losses.

In addition to working with MarkMonitor, Verizon’s security organization instituted a number of other customer protections that are regularly updated, including:

  1. Customer education, including contact information to report phishing attacks by using email, or, texting by forwarding suspicious text messages to short code 7726 (or SPAM), or calling Verizon Wireless’ customer support at (800) 922-0204 or *611.
  2. Instructional videos about the importance of using unique logins and passwords for accounts.
  3. Extra security measures such as displaying a SiteKey image on a legitimate login screen.
  4. Authorization checks for account feature changes and device orders.
  5. Automatic communications to confirm changes to a customer’s account.

By hardening Verizon as a target for phishers, MarkMonitor is a key partner in helping the company protect its brand, uphold customer trust and significantly diminish the overall impact to the company’s top and bottom lines.

For a more complete background on these issues please click here to see the full one-hour webinar with Patrick Flaherty.