Counterfeit Merchandise – Beyond Luxury Knockoffs

Designers and trade experts have noticed a rise in the counterfeiting of non-luxury brands according to a recent article titled, Economic Indicator: Even Cheaper Knockoffs.” The article indicates that non-luxury and lesser targeted brands are being heavily counterfeited alongside Gucci Prada and Louis Vuitton.

It should not come as a big surprise that counterfeiters have expanded their focus beyond luxury brands. Counterfeiters are shrewd business people and clever marketers and have a good pulse on what is happening within the marketplace and inside the heads of their potential buyers. These fraudsters have already demonstrated that they have mastered the art of distributing and promoting their goods via online channels such as paid search. Now they have also proven that they are insightful and agile enough to respond to a tough economic market and appeal to an evolved cost-conscious buyer.

Brand owners beware. Whether you sell luxury or not you are probably not immune to the growing counterfeiting problem. The supply of knockoffs is virtually infinite as today‰Ûªs counterfeiters have proven that they can easily and effectively replicate just about anything. Therefore as a brand owner in addition to building programs that attempt to reduce the supply of counterfeit goods it is just as critical to supplement that program by implementing automated mechanisms to patrol and interrupt the online promotion and distribution of those counterfeit goods as well.”