Enforcement Success Rates on Online Marketplaces

Most brand owners are likely familiar with eBay‰Ûªs Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) program for requesting de-listings of illegal auction listings and that eBay has a solid track record for removing infringing listings close to 100%, in fact.

What may be lesser known is that many major online marketplaces including business-to-business changes also have a decent track record for removing infringing listings. Based on our own research of the major auction and exchanges sites accounting for roughly 75% of all marketplace traffic (as measured by Alexa), the overall compliance rate of over 170,000 de-listing requests between June and July 2009 was 83%.

By major region, marketplaces hosted in the Americas showed the best enforcement compliance rate of 94%, compared with 78% for European-based sites and 73% for Asia Pacific-based sites. The compliance rate of individual online marketplaces within each region, however, did vary considerably from 6% to 100% in the Americas and Asia Pacific where most enforcements were sent. It is interesting to note, too, that the marketplaces with the largest enforcement volumes have the highest enforcement success rates. That‰Ûªs good news for brand owners, as the vast majority of their enforcement efforts are acted upon by the major online marketplaces.

Enforcement Compliance Rates of Major Online Marketplaces By Region*

Avg. Compliance Rate**


% of Total Enforcements



6% – 100%




25% – 100%


Asia Pacific


6% – 100%


All Regions


6% – 100%


*Based on a sample of over 170,000 de-listing requests between June and July 2009. **Average compliance rate is weighted by percent of enforcements per online marketplace.

Source: MarkMonitor.