GDPR: The impact on WHOIS and IP enforcement

The GDPR enforcement deadline may have passed, but that’s not to say its impact isn’t still felt by businesses of all kinds.

The consequences on the likes of WHOIS have been enormous, and they are set to continue long into the future. Statton Hammock, Vice President of Global Policy and Industry Development for MarkMonitor, discussed this at length in a 30-minute presentation at this year’s MarkMonitor NYC Summit in April. As our resident GDPR expert, Hammock is perfectly placed to discuss the finer details of the regulation and throughout his talk provides a wealth of insights as to what we can expect in the near future.

Specifically, Hammock touches upon the ‘catastrophic’ impact of WHOIS going dark post-GDPR, and the need for alternative technological solutions to maintain effective brand protection efforts. He also answers a range of questions from the audience towards the end of the video which could prove to be useful for your own GDPR journey.

You can watch a full-length recording of Statton Hammock’s talk from this year’s NYC Summit here. Alternatively, if you have any specific GDPR-related questions and want to know how we might help, please feel free to get in touch.