How Brands Can Prepare for Chinese Singles’ Day

One of the biggest online shopping days in China is coming up this November 11 – and it’s one that brands should prepare for. Single’s Day is a popular festival for young Chinese people that has become a massive shopping event on Chinese marketplaces. In 2014, Alibaba sold $14.3 billion of goods from 278 million orders on Singles Day. To put that into perspective, Amazon processed just 37 million orders on America’s Cyber Monday that year.

With this massive sales volume in Chinese marketplaces on the horizon, here’s a few tips on how brands can be vigilant against counterfeiters this 11/11:

1. Automate Monitoring and Detection
Monitoring infringements on Chinese marketplaces is a big undertaking. Technology can help detect counterfeits. MarkMonitor anti-counterfeiting systems scour Chinese marketplaces to identify patterns and similarities in listings, even across marketplaces, and detect high-volume and persistent sellers that require extra focus. Pinpointing these sellers uncovers high-volume distributors of counterfeit goods.

2. Leverage Data and Market Intelligence
A structured framework of continuous detection, analysis, remediation and reporting aids in identifying infringements and generating business intelligence. Our data gathered helps identify the most egregious infringers so that enforcement can be focused where it will be most effective. Business intelligence is the secret sauce of an effective physical enforcement program.

3. Know Your Trademark Coverage
Knowing how to implement the right trademark coverage and understanding the enforcement parameters of different Chinese marketplaces is a safe business practice. Precise enforcement codes and clear-cut documentation can justify takedown requests. Reviewing requests that are submitted by people with local language expertise and an understanding of cultural nuances is essential.

Brands that follow these guidelines will be more effective in minimizing the impact of counterfeiters on Single’s Day and every day.