ICANN Update: Expedited Policy Development Process Kicks Off

In an effort to establish a permanent policy for WHOIS data collection, processing and access in compliance with the European Union’s General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR), the ICANN multi-stakeholder community will kick off a first-of-its-kind Expedited Policy Development Process (EPDP) next week.

This EPDP will result in a new policy that takes the place of the Temporary Specification approved by the ICANN Board on May 17, 2018, which took effect May 25, 2018, and expires on May 25, 2019. Learn more in our past GDPR posts or by watching our most recent ICANN meeting recap webinar.

Consensus-based policy development among various stakeholders at ICANN normally takes years to achieve, so finalizing the EPDP between the August 1 kickoff call and the May 2019 expiration of the Temporary Specification will be a significant undertaking for the EPDP team. Fortunately, the community has assembled a “dream team” of experienced, reasonable community members dedicated to this goal.

Contributions as a client advocate

MarkMonitor is uniquely well-positioned for a leadership role as a bridge-builder in consensus-based policy development. We primarily represent our customers’ intellectual property interests through the Intellectual Property Constituency, doing so in a way that also advances the interests of our customers who are active in ICANN’s Business Constituency.

We carry out all advocacy work in a way that respects our position in the Registrar Stakeholder Group (the only place in the ICANN ecosystem where we vote), and our customers who are .brand Registry Operators recognize the important contributions and perspectives of the Advisory Committees and other Supporting Organizations in the community.

I am pleased to have been chosen to represent MarkMonitor and our customers in this EPDP as the Intellectual Property Constituency’s Alternate Member. This EPDP will no doubt require MarkMonitor’s unique pedigree as a bridge builder working to align stakeholders to achieve our common goal: complying with GDPR in a way that preserves the WHOIS necessary for the security and stability of the internet, including access for the legitimate interests of law enforcement, intellectual property protection and consumer protection.

Stay tuned for updates

You can follow along with the EPDP by signing up for the mailing list or listening to past conference calls here, and stay tuned to the MarkMonitor blog, where I will provide updates as we make progress.

As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or suggestions about how we can advocate for you.