Improved platform protects consumers on websites

The next phase of consumer-centric brand protection is complete! We are delighted to announce the launch of our new Websites Module Brand Protection platform.

With millions of dollars invested in building a brand, companies can’t afford to be reactive when attacks happen. Brand owners have to manage everything, from cybersquatting and counterfeiting, to hijacked search traffic and partner non-compliance.

Tactics are diverse and widespread, often beginning when fraudsters use trademarks in deceitful paid search ads, URLs, mobile apps, misleading websites and spam email to divert traffic to competing or even illicit sites. Paid search scams as well as SEO manipulation tactics enable fraudsters to claim affiliation where none exists or steer consumers to sales of potentially unauthorized or counterfeit goods.

Given our longevity in this field and our relationships with many of the most popular brands in the world, we have come to realize that what brands care about most is protecting the well-intentioned consumer. It’s the vast majority of the consumers – brand owners must protect them from falling victims to counterfeit to traffic diversion to consumers purchasing from an unauthorized partner. The individual who truly wants to buy a $20 copy of a $200 item is neither a missed revenue opportunity nor a customer complaint in the making. Instead of chasing after such buyers with little results and diluting the ROI from brand protection programs, we are focusing technology and business practices on helping brands protect well-intentioned consumers from being duped into buying counterfeit/pirated products via unauthorized channels.

MarkMonitor has invested in building a new generation platform that utilizes the latest in technology, data science and machine learning to deliver the most effective brand protection. We are the first brand protection company to offer purpose-built technology designed to prioritize infringements that your consumer is most likely to see, and ensure high-impact strategies around consumer journeys as they look for your brand online.

Some of the key features that included in the new Websites platform:

• Native search harvests the same results your consumer sees on search engines.
• Location enhancement tailors results with tens of thousands of global IP proxies.
• Comprehensive reporting charts your progress and effectiveness of your brand protection program.
• Image search detects suspicious logos and images most visible to consumers.
• Auto-populate contact details, a priceless feature in a post-GDPR world.

As the global leaders in the online brand protection space – MarkMonitor is continuously innovating and building technology that can truly deliver impact to brand owners. Many brand owners are fatigued by the whack-a-mole game so having technology that is smarter, more efficient and truly makes a difference is essential to a brand protection program.

To learn more about our technology, download this introductory sheet.