Phishing Trends: Who Are Fraudsters Targeting Now?

Traditionally, the financial industry has always been a primary target for phishing attacks. And so far, that trend seems to remain true. In the first half of 2015, 41% of the phishing attacks targeted the financial industry. It’s still an issue and financial institutions must continue to proactively focus on their anti-fraud strategies.

But here’s what I think is interesting, when we removed the financial industry from the equation and just looked at phishing trends for key non-financial industries – phishing attacks have practically quadrupled since January 2014. It’s a significant increase that is difficult to ignore.

 width= Source: MarkMonitor Data

If you haven’t recently checked, it’s worth reassessing whether or not fraudsters are leveraging your brand name and launching phishing attacks. For instance, we’ve seen a number of software companies that have never been phished before, and they are now suddenly becoming targets.

Fraudsters are continuously evolving their strategies and targets. In order to protect your customers, your brand reputation and credibility – it’s imperative that you ensure a cohesive brand protection strategy which also detects and mitigates phishing attacks.