Q2 and Q3 2010 Fraud Intelligence Reports

MarkMonitor will now issue Fraud Intelligence Reports on a quarterly basis and will include:

  • New industry data for emerging phishing sectors
  • Quarterly trends of phish attacks grouped by primary attack sectors, internet transaction sectors, other internet sectors, and the government sector
  • Geographical phishing data for targeted brands, by regions and by key countries within each region

The headline findings for the second and third quarters of 2010 are as follows:

No Third Quarter Spike in Phishing Attacks

Historically, phishing attacks spike in Q3. The third quarter of 2010 did not follow that pattern. In the second quarter of 2010, phish attack volume grew 14% from the previous quarter to 111,552 attacks, but phishing attack volume declined 5% in the third quarter to 105,446 attacks.

Payment Services and Financial Sectors Alternate as Primary Phishing Sector

The Payment Services sector accounted for 38% of phish attacks in the second quarter, while the Financial sector, historically the sector that is most favored by phishers, accounted for 33%. These positions reversed in the third quarter, with the Financial sector accounting for 41% of phish attacks and the Payment Services sector accounting for 29%.

Classifieds Sector Emerges as a Major New Phishing Target

In the second quarter, the online Classifieds sector became the third largest phishing target sector with almost 7% of total phish, growing 142% from the previous quarter. The third quarter saw the online Classifieds sector increase further to 13%, growing 80% from the previous quarter.

North American and Western European Brands Most Heavily Targeted

North American brands, by a wide margin, attract the most phishing attacks, accounting for 78% of total attacks in the second quarter and 80% in the third quarter. Western European brands were a distant second, with 15% in the second quarter and 13% in the third quarter. Latin American brands were third, accounting for 2% of total phish in both quarters.

North America and Western Europe Host Most Phishing Attacks

North America hosted the most phishing attacks accounting for 64% of hosted attacks in the second quarter and 60% in the third quarter. Western Europe was a distant second, hosting 17% of attacks in the second quarter and 20% in the third quarter. East Asia/Pacific hosted 8% of attacks in the second quarter and 10% in the third quarter.

For more detail, download the reports here:

MarkMonitor Fraud Intelligence Report, Q3 2010

MarkMonitor Fraud Intelligence Report, Q2 2010