Q3 2012 Fraud Intelligence Report

The MarkMonitor Fraud Intelligence Report for the third quarter of 2012 is now available. The findings are:

Declines in Phishing Volume, Targeted Brands and Attacks per Brand Reverse Growth Trends
Phish attack volume dropped 15 percent from the previous quarter to 150,761 attacks, breaking a 4-quarter rising trend that  began in Q2 2011. The number of targeted brands decreased 4 percent to 576, ending three quarters of growth. Attacks per brand volume declined 11 percent to 262, reversing a rising trend seen over four quarters.

Payment Services Overtakes Financial Sector as Most Popular Phishing Sector
The Payment Services sector, accounting for almost 35 percent of phishing attacks, overtook the Financial sector, with 31 percent of attacks, as the most phished industry. Payment Services phishing declined 8 percent from the previous quarter to 52,184 attacks, while Financial sector phishing dropped 23 percent to 46,963 attacks.

ISP Sector Phishing Continues to Grow, While Retail Sector Phishing Continues to Decline
ISP phish continued a 5-quarter growth trend, increasing 7 percent in Q3 2012 to 11,055 attacks. In contrast, Retail/Service phishing continued to decline for a third quarter, decreasing 33 percent to 11,752 attacks.

Brands from Five Countries are Targeted by Over 90 Percent of Phishing Attacks
The top five countries for targeted brand in Q3 2012 were the U.S., the U.K., China, Brazil and Canada, which together accounted for 91 percent of phishing attacks. Phishing attacks targeting American brands continued to increase their share, growing to 72 percent from 66 percent in the previous quarter, while attacks targeting Chinese brands continued to decrease their share, declining to 6 percent from 8 percent.

Five Countries Host 70 Percent of Phishing Attacks
The U.S., the U.K., Australia, Canada and Germany were the top five phish-hosting countries in Q3 and accounted for 70 percent of phishing sites.

For more detail, download the report here:
MarkMonitor Fraud Intelligence Report, Q3 2012