.SO What?

Here ye, here ye – all hail the arrival of .SO.

And the question becomes, So what?

But really I can‰Ûªt remember the last time we saw the launch of a totally pristine ccTLD. Sure we‰Ûªve had launches of second-level TLDs like .CO where only third-level TLDs had previously existed. And we have also had launches of third-level TLDs like the addition of 34 provinces in China. But it‰Ûªs been some time since a completely barren ccTLD namespace has been made widely available.

And again you might be asking yourself so what?

As an unrestricted TLD .SO registrations may be particularly interesting to domain speculators and squatters as the trend for leveraging extensions has become increasing more popular (del.icio.us buy.it. and bit.ly). I could definitely envision the .SO extension being used to host blogs gripe sites and the like.

As a practice I never like encouraging more domain registrations as most corporate portfolios are bursting at the seams already but I would advise rights‰Ûª owners to consider obtaining core brands in this extension given the relatively inexpensive cost of registration and the potential difficulty in reclaiming infringing domains as currently a dispute resolution policy does not exist.”