Technology Makes Better Brand Protection Possible

In my previous blog post, I wrote about the importance of taking a consumer-centric approach to brand protection. In order to accomplish this, technology must be at the forefront, and MarkMonitor is once again the industry front-runner in building a cutting-edge platform to accomplish this.

MarkMonitor has invested in developing new technology and best practices to protect well-intentioned consumers from falling victim to online counterfeit goods and brand abuse. If we want to protect these well-intentioned consumers, we need advanced technology that prevents brand abuse across these most visible pages.

MarkMonitor employs its own purpose-built harvesting technology to successfully replicate a consumer’s view of a given brand in a search engine or marketplace and bring back the results in the sequence that they would see on their own screen. Then we use data science to prioritize enforcements, so that our effort flags and removes the infringing items most visible to that well-intentioned consumer.

How else is our technology uniquely built to protect well-intentioned consumers?

Geo-Specific Search: We harvest data using local IP addresses for the most relevant and localized data. Brand owners can now identify brand abuse in a local market, detect abuse outside their home markets, and analyze abuse trends across various geographies. Why does this matter? Well, if the brand owner is based in New York, and a large base of consumers are in Germany making purchases via German marketplaces, it is vital for brand owners to see exactly what they are seeing and prioritize accordingly. Listings are not the same from New York as they will be for Germany, so using local IP proxies to pull that data back is critical.

Original Marketplace Search: Uniquely, MarkMonitor deploys the actual search technology of each marketplace to find listings in the same exact way a buyer would. By using the search technology of these marketplaces, the results we harvest are most relevant to the brand.  The ability to mirror consumer search behavior through keyword and filtering allows us to show the position-rank placement of items found on each marketplace.

Threat Level Analysis: We leverage data science and machine-learning technology to look at all the data points, and we then assign each listing a threat level. At a glance, a brand owner will be able to determine whether the listing is infringing, benign, or suspicious based on a color-coding system.

Image Clustering: Our next-generation image clustering technology helps brand owners identify infringing images at a glance. Bulk enforcement based on a known image is an extremely efficient way to review listings and enforce effectively.

High-Value Targeting: Our technology is a self-learning machine designed to discover patterns of abuse and identify the most egregious offenders. We have automated detection of those offenders, known as high-value targets. Our system looks across multiple channels and clusters the data by looking at phone numbers, emails, servers, names, images, fragments of text and more.

MarkMonitor offers unique capabilities when it comes to supporting the consumer-centric approach. We also recognize that many clients want to go deeper than the most visible pages. Our technology also has the capability to identify and address infringements as deep and broad as possible on search results or marketplaces. Having flexible technology is critical.

We could write so much more about why our technology is the ideal choice for brands passionate about protecting themselves alone, but it’s better to see it in action. Get in touch today, and book a free demonstration â or start by learning more by downloading this introductory sheet.