Waiting to secure your new products online? Infringers aren’t.

We researched the time it takes from product release date to first online counterfeit, and the results are in:

There’s no time to waste.

New algorithms using historic and anonymized data from clients have revealed that, for well-known enterprises, a typical measure of “Time-to-Counterfeit” is well zero.

Issues like information leaks product popularity and low barriers to entry will nearly guarantee your brand falls into the most vulnerable category. If you’re selling a more complex item (think of the latest smartphone or unique computer software) you could buy a few weeks. Maybe.

Research delved deeper into a particular brand (whose name we’ll keep under wraps for obvious reasons) where data showed that the first detections of counterfeit came in immediately following an initial press release. In this case suspect items preceded an actual launch by up to four weeks!

Time to Counterfeit.

So what’s to be done with this new information? For one understand that it’s possible to rest easy knowing you’re taking the most proactive measures. How so? Simply put lean on resources you trust.

Leverage a partner in online protection that maintains relationships with third party platforms and stays at the forefront of emerging enforcement policies and changes. Many brands struggle in particular with counterfeit issues in China – for this MarkMonitor employs an escalation processes and helps establish new policies so that clients can take down enforcements quickly and effectively.

What’s more by leveraging data science you can focus protection efforts on pages and listings that matter most for your target users. We shared this new data as it pertained to apparel during the recent AAFA Executive Summit where our audience heard about monitoring the same pages and listings that shoppers see – it’s better news for both your consumers and your bottom line.

Don’t wait until imposters show up to combat them. Popular products can and will become a target from day one. To learn more about more effective brand protection contact us today or watch this webinar to see how it works.