Welcome to Brand’s Eye View

Welcome to Brand’s Eye View, the MarkMonitor blog!


Brand abuse is not a victimless crime. It has profound effects on the most recognized brands, their customers and society as a whole. In our Brandjacking Index, MarkMonitor has quantified the threat and exposed some of the most frightening elements. Here in this blog, the conversation about these threats can come to life.


From the darker quarters of the Internet, criminals launch attacks against consumers that steal identities & savings and jeopardize health & safety. (Hint: page down to the February ’08 entry on the Javelin site to download the Consumer Version of the report, which is free.) Beyond damaging consumer’s lives and well-being, these attacks ultimately tarnish the brands that were used to exploit consumer trust. 


This forum is intended to expand the discussion of online brand abuse beyond brand holders. Several MarkMonitor experts will collaborate to provide different points of view here. Legal, marketing, technology and industry points of view will all be represented in a Brand’s Eye View.  Moreover, we hope that you’ll be a part of the conversation and we welcome your comments.


Let the dialog begin _