Combat pirated IPTV services to protect your revenue

Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) has grown in popularity in a short span of time, as a result of Internet connectivity speeds and the low cost of IPTV enabled devices.

While legitimate broadcasters are starting to utilise IPTV solutions, a growing number of rogue streamers are using the same technology to deliver unauthorised content. Not only can thousands of channels be distributed via illegal IPTV subscriptions, but channels that should be geo-blocked are being made available outside of their own territories. Live sports broadcasts, pay-per-views and even award shows are being shown through these unauthorized services.

As a result, many rights owners and broadcast partners are facing real threats to subscriber revenue due to the availability of cheaper, or even free, pirated content. In fact, it is extremely easy to search the web for “free” IPTV services – there are even videos to help get you singed up and running. Infringement includes: streaming servers used to deliver unauthorized channels the payment providers servicing the IPTV supplier and/or the suppliers making the boxes and IPTV subscriptions available.

Sales impact

IPTV piracy is not only undermining the value of content but also the average revenue per user (ARPU). Unfortunately some consumers don’t see anything wrong with this â a survey from YouGov estimates that around 4.9 million UK broadband connected adults use pirated IPTV streaming services.

In light of this your solution should detect document and remove illegal streams from unauthorized IPTV services. You should be able to:

  • Detect verify and enforce in near real-time
  • Gather intelligence over a comprehensive database of IPTV services
  • Avoid detection by unauthorised platforms with discreet scanning
  • Prioritise IPTV services for disruption with traffic-based enforcement

Managing the process can be difficult so be sure that you have the support of a global team of dedicated engineers and analysts that can customise your strategy and streamline the process for you. While the demand for IPTV will undoubtedly grow your ARPU revenues do not need to decline as a result. Learn more about fighting piracy here.