Tips for Re-Directing Web Pages

When a domain name contains one of your brands, web users often expect to be directed to relevant content relating to that brand. If they are not, it can create a suboptimal customer interaction with your brand.

What’s the best way to make sure your redirects make sense? For starters, you should:

  • Redirect your defensive domain names to relevant content: If a domain name contains your brand, it should point to content relevant to your brand. Even domain names containing generic category or industry terms should point to content related to those terms.
  • Decide how to address derogatory domain names: Of course there are domain names that you probably do not want to redirect to one of your core sites, such as suck” domain names.
  • Consider hosting educational content on recovered domains: Several brand owners have dealt with rogue websites selling counterfeit goods by recovering these domain names and redirecting them to educational pages. These pages serve the purpose of providing information to consumers on the harmful impact of counterfeit goods and contain a link to the official site.