Clarification: No Business Relationship with Minds + Machines

We were surprised to see Minds + Machines’ recent blog post regarding their new gTLD services for brand owners. The portion of the blog post that caused our surprise was this:

  • Do you work with a favorite registrar? We work with them too. Our registry platform is connected with all major registrars including Mark Monitor CSC and others. You won’t have to switch anything if you don’t want to.”

To clarify MarkMonitor does not have a business relationship with Minds + Machines nor do we have a registry connection to their Espresso platform. We have a registry connection to various ccTLDs via the CoCCA platform but we are not connected to Minds + Machines’ registry platform as the post states.

We believe it is important to be scrupulously clear for the benefit of our customers as well as the Internet community at-large. We have contacted Minds + Machines to ask them to make a correction to their materials but as it is late in the day and an important industry event is taking place tomorrow (Wednesday 9/21) we felt it was important to publish this clarification as quickly as possible to reduce the chance of any confusion.”