Domain Management in the New, New New Economy

With the news of yet more corporate downsizing and consumer spending at all time lows, corporations should reevaluate their approach to domain name management. Specifically, companies should focus on ways to maximize portfolio values by selling unused generic registrations, improving website traffic by pointing defensive registrations to live sites, and implementing polices and procedures to ensure that new registrations support defined corporate objectives.

Selling Unused Generic Domains
Many corporate portfolios contain unused generic domains that were purchased years ago with the intent of use. In many instances, corporations are not even aware of the value associated with these premium domains . Any unused .com or .net domain containing one or two generic words should be appraised and potentially sold if there is no plan for future use. With the release of new TLDs in 2010 the value of these domains may potentially decrease over time so now may be the time to sell.

Improving Website Traffic
The bulk of corporate domain portfolios largely consists of defensive registrations which often include common misspellings product names and abbreviations. Due to the continued rise in direct navigation to locate web content directing traffic from these existing registrations to live sites is an easy way to increase the number of website visitors. Pointings can be updated through the use of DNS or a web forwarding solution.

Implementing Defined Domain Policies
Ensuring that defined policies related to what should be registered which extensions should be covered and who should have the final approval will help to reduce the number of superfluous registrations. Without defined policies in place portfolio managers will err on the side of caution registering any newly liberated ccTLD even if it does not support online goals or objectives. Implementing a workflow approval process will also ensure that management is aware of domain expenditures which will be important as budgets are tightened.

While the outlook for the current economy seems uncertain portfolio managers can definitely play a key role in maximizing value and containing costs associated with domain names.”