Gartner on new .tld’s

Recently, leading technology analyst firm Gartner weighed-in on the new ICANN .tld’s. They made some very straightforward, common sense recommendations with one exception.

Their assertion that ÷defensive registrations are of limited value for most organizations’ doesn’t jibe with best practices in domain portfolio management. nor with the rest of the content in their note.

In their analysis, Gartner states The proliferation of additional TLDs will increase the number of defensive domain registrations that businesses might potentially need to carry out. And one of the other recommendations that Gartner makes in the research note advises companies to “Determine a rationale and policy for defensive registrations and apply that to any new gTLDs that are created.

From speaking to MarkMonitor clients many are seriously considering pursuing custom .brands despite the very high entry operating and logistical/system costs. Our clients – many of whom are Gartner clients too – are an elite group who value their brands online take extreme advantage of the web as a selling promotional and operational tool and know the pain of seeing their brands associated with others. Our clients know the value of a strong defensive strategy.

We’re hoping to engage in a dialogue w/analyst Eva Lydia Leong to understand her point of view in more detail as well as to share our insights into the benefits of defensive domain registration. We’ll let you know how the dialogue progresses in this blog.

In the meantime the research note entitled ÷New Top-Level Internet Domains Won’t Impact Most Firms’ is dated 6/30/08 and is available to Gartner clients. If you can’t access the research yourself you may wish to check with your colleagues in IT or Analyst Relations to get a copy of the report.