ICANN’s Internet Users Representatives Decry New Top Level Domain Implementation

Surprisingly, and adding to the rapidly growing field of objections to ICANN’s proposed expansion of the domain naming system, the group that represents individual Internet users in the ICANN community, the ICANN At-Large Advisory Committee, posted their draft advice on new Generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs). The post emphasized their support for the concept while decrying the implementation of the current program.

In their letter of advice, they state that the program’s current implementation would be harmful to the public interest and specifically that of Internet end-users.” They advise that the program should be halted until changes are put in place to address their concerns which were originally stated in Mexico City at the ICANN meeting in March of 2009.

(NOTE: Post updated on 12/20 to reflect that advice posted by ALAC is a draft and not final.)”