ICANN Top Level Domain Documentation Release – Prelim Schedule

Today, ICANN announced that in the next fortnight or approximately two weeks they will release their draft Applicant Guidebook for new global top level domains (gTLDs). The release will be made available on their website and will be timed in advance of the next ICANN meeting scheduled for the beginning of November in Cairo Egypt.

According to the announcement ICANN will NOT have finished the proposed document upon its release. ICANN states that it will follow-up with more data at a later date. The sections that will be included are:

  1. Introduction to the gTLD Application Process (including the application fee)
  2. Evaluation Process
  3. Objection and Dispute Resolution
  4. String Contention
  5. Transition to Delegation
  6. Top Level Domain Allocation Terms and Conditions

The proposal and the gTLDs will be discussed in Cairo on Sunday afternoon November 2 2008 leaving little time for public review in advance of that gathering.