More Than 300 New Generic Top-Level Domains – That’s a Lot of Donuts

According to a recent press release from Paul Stahura’s Donuts Registry, they have applied for 300 new generic top-level domains. This number represents more than 15% of the 1900+ total applications received by ICANN for this new program.

Some have speculated that 50-60% of the total applications made were filed by consumer-facing brands like Google, Canon and others. If true, and these names are delegated, then 35% or more of the new non-branded domain name space will be dominated by Donuts’ gTLDs. In sheer numbers, Donuts’ registries will eclipse the existing domain name space which is comprised of 23 existing gTLDs and 250 plus country-code top-level domains.

Brand rights owners and consumers alike should be getting a sense of the scope and scale of the new gTLD space as we approach ICANN’s planned reveal day” where they are slated to announce all applications and their applicants. To help our customers and the community navigate these very populated shores MarkMonitor announced our new gTLD online database that that will be online shortly after the reveal.”