Perpetuating New gTLD Misinformation

With so much misinformation about the new gTLD program still being circulated, some companies are being pressured to apply by so-called New gTLD consultants.

At first, some of these consultants were speculating about whether there would even be a second application round, even though ICANN had clearly stated that the intention was to begin the second round as quickly as possible.”

Now I am hearing rumors that some of these consultants are saying that nearly every large corporation is applying for at least one top-level domain. Whether this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy remains to be seen and we’ll know on May 1st whether this is actually true.

There can be no doubt that time is running short for companies that still have not made a decision. And for those companies I would encourage them to ask the following questions which I had written about back in July of last year:

1. Will your brand likely face contention from other TLD applicants?
2. Does the brand lend itself to being a TLD?
3. What are others in your industry doing?
4. Can you benefit from running a new gTLD registry?
5. Is having a completely wide-open namespace particularly valuable to you?
6. How important is the Internet to your business?

Applying for and running a new gTLD is a major decision and undertaking which should not be taken lightly. For some the decision to apply (or not apply) has been thought through carefully with support from the highest levels of management. Unfortunately I suspect that for others the decision to apply was made hastily based upon the guidance of so-called trusted advisors.”