Three midyear resolutions to make and keep in 2018

It’s hard to believe that we’re nearly half way through 2018.

At the beginning of the year, I proposed three domain strategy resolutions to set brand owners up for a successful and impactful 2018. Here are a few more resolutions to consider that will help you succeed and stay impactful throughout the rest of the year.

Resolution 4: I, brand owner, resolve to implement API connections to streamline domain management processes.

More and more people are accessing mobile apps, streamlining business processes and accessing third party provider accounts via an Application Programming Interface (API). Here at MarkMonitor, we have several different ways you can access and manage your domains, which include Single Sign-On, a domain management mobile app and a rest-based API that allows users to leverage the MarkMonitor Domain Management system for developing unique client systems.

In using an API to manage your domains, you’ll reduce the administrative burden with an internal user interface and tools that give you access to the MarkMonitor Domain Management Portal. You can streamline and automate domain management requests behind your company’s firewall and save time by synchronizing key domain information using your internal systems.

Resolution 5: I, brand owner, resolve to track my website traffic and make necessary adjustments.

Whether you are using a Registrar’s DNS, your own, or that of a trusted third party provider, tracking DNS queries and web forwarding statistics provides valuable traffic statistics, enabling you to understand and maximize the value of your domain holdings. Closely monitoring where domains are pointing allows you to effectively promote and protect brands, recapture lost traffic and potential lost revenue, and assists with renewal decisions.

Start by pointing every single domain under your management to some type of content, whether that’s a live site or a parked page. Domains that are not pointed to live content may be redirected by ISPs or browsers to other content. Masked domains should forward to an under construction” or otherwise generic web page. Misspellings and defensive registrations should be pointed to appropriate content so that visitors find the content for which they are looking and ccTLDs should point to localized native content.

When utilizing MarkMonitor Enterprise DNS query volumes and web-forwarding statistics can be accessed from the Zone Manager within the Hosted Services tab. Customized reports can be created using filters and results can be exported to Excel.

Resolution 6: I brand owner resolve to stay abreast of industry changes that may threaten my online presence.

Brand owners constantly have to stay ahead of industry changes and trends to protect their brands online. Cybersquatters and phishers continue to capitalize on industry changes by registering domains that are confusingly similar to legitimate sites and redirecting Internet traffic to fraudulent websites. Stolen business angry customers damaged reputations and legal battles are just some of the problems that can ensue if preemptive measures are not taken.

Some of the trends MarkMonitor is seeing this year include cryptocurrency domains (brand and/or company names added with coin coins and crypto) homoglyphs (visually similar characters in different language scripts) and a new wave of email scams targeting brand owners that are fueled by GDPR uncertainty. As a reminder if you question an email’s legitimacy do not click on any links or attachments. You can also reach out to your Client Services Manager to help verify if an email concerning your domain is legitimate.

By staying up-to-date on industry changes and monitoring domain registrations companies can proactively anticipate potential domain name abuse and take immediate action. This can include actively monitoring a site filing a UDRP action or challenging the accuracy of the Whois record if the name falls into the hands of a suspicious individual or entity.

MarkMonitor has many ways that brand owners can stay up to date on the latest trends including our monthly Domain Digest Newsletter  blog educational webinars and global customer events.