New gTLD Abuse Trends Beginning to Emerge

With just over 2.4 million New gTLDs registered, abuse trends are beginning to emerge.

Earlier this month we conducted a review of the top 100 most highly-trafficked Web property names across the top 5 most popular new gTLD registries. It is apparent that the abuse we had expected has occurred – just not where we had anticipated.

For example, .Wang leads the pack in terms of abusive registrations with 47% of the top 100 Web property names registered to third-parties. For the other top TLDs which include .XYZ, .Berlin, .Club and .Guru – abusive registrations hover around the 30% mark.

It is worth notating that at the time of this study, only 4% of the most highly-trafficked Web property names were legitimately registered by brand owners in .Wang, compared to .XYZ, .Berlin, .Club and .Guru where brand owners registered or blocked 16% -26% of the 100 most highly-trafficked Web property names.

Undoubtedly, these figure will continue to evolve, especially as Collision list names become available for registration – and of course, we’ll continue to monitor.


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