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How Kodi is changing the piracy landscape
  Kodi® is a downloadable, open source software media player that is compatible with TVs, computers, smartphones and video game systems. It allows users to access their content from local and network storage and stream it on any device. Originally designed in 2004 for Microsoft’s Xbox (when it was known as XBMC™), Kodi’s open-source nature quickly attracted pirates and hackers seeking to distributed unauthorized content. Today, there is a thriving black market of add-ons and apps which give free access to subscription services. Pirates have flooded marketplaces with ‘fully-loaded’ Kodi boxes promising access to premium content. Consumers often buy into this... Read More
YouTube Red: Google’s bold move into the subscription area
Since YouTube’s inception in early 2005, the video streaming platform has grown in terms of number of users, view counts and features. The latest offering from YouTube, YouTube Red, is a new paid subscription model. Subscriptions are currently available to users in the USA at a cost of $9.99 per month for the web version and $12.99 if bought through the YouTube iOS app. YouTube Red subscribers will be provided the following: o The ability to watch videos ad-free o Offline playback of videos on mobile devices o Background playback on mobile devices o Access to original, premium content - exclusive... Read More


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