Senior Portfolio Marketing Director
Want a killer domain portfolio? Look no further than baseball.
RBI: Runs batted in. Every team wants ‘em. Not every team gets ‘em. Are your domains driving users home, or are they swinging outside the strike zone? Intelligent domain name strategies happen by way of a complex web of interactions. The industry operates by way of different roles working together on strategic decisions around domain name needs. If your lineup is off, so is your game. Here’s a refresher on your key players: Batter up: ICANNThe Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is an internationally organized, non-profit corporation responsible for Internet Protocol (IP) address space allocation, protocol identifier assignment,... Read More
Senior Portfolio Marketing Director
Personal attack: The future of social media threats
Social media is a double-edged sword, on one side presenting a wealth of opportunity for business and brand owners to better understand and engage with customers. On the other, it offers the same potential opportunities for hackers, pirates, cyber criminals and counterfeiters to misuse the brand and reach customers. From supermarkets to airlines and major banks, criminals have misused the goodwill of customers and exploited all kinds of trusted brand names on social media platforms and messaging apps in an attempt to catch out users. When things go wrong, victims often blame the brand and, in some instances, negative publicity may... Read More
Global Head of Marketing, MarkMonitor
MarkMonitor celebrates 20 years of online protection
This month, MarkMonitor celebrates 20 years of protecting brands online. Founded on 17 June in Boise, Idaho – with just a handful of employees – we have grown as a global leader in enterprise brand protection, employing more than 500 people. Our suite of online protection services takes root in a greater movement by parent firm Clarivate Analytics, which delivers products and services that support every phase of the innovation lifecycle.  With an initial goal of protecting corporate brand names and tracking down infringements on the internet, our services expanded into the domain management sector by the year 2000. With more... Read More
Manager, Domain Services
Two decades of insight: Domain strategy and you in 2019
As we approach twenty years of experience as a brand protection and corporate registrar business, I am excited to say that MarkMonitor remains a trusted strategic partner to our many Fortune 1000 clients. By combining proprietary data and analysis with unmatched industry expertise, MarkMonitor delivers solutions that enable our clients to make meaningful decisions to maximize the utility and value of their domain name portfolios within the context of their brand protection strategies. Domain Strategy Team MarkMonitor provides a variety of solutions to our clients, including those offered by the Client Services Organization, comprised of subject matter experts, Client Service Managers... Read More
Director of Internet Policy and Industry Affairs
What’s Next for WHOIS: ICANN Board Approves EPDP Phase 1 Final Report
The ICANN board held a special meeting on May 15, 2019, during which it approved twenty-seven of the twenty-nine policy recommendations in the EPDP Phase 1 Final Report. The Phase 1 report represents the start of the ICANN community’s bottom-up consensus-driven policymaking effort to reinvent WHOIS (now called “registration data”) in a way that complies with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This report, combined with Phase 2 of the EPDP, will replace the Temporary Specification, which was an emergency measure passed by the ICANN board to bring registration data into compliance with GDPR in the short term while the... Read More


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