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MarkMonitor supports brand holders' efforts regarding .feedback registry
In the capacity that MarkMonitor has as an ICANN accredited registrar, we have observed numerous issues with registrations in the .feedback registry.  These issues date back to the initial launch of .feedback earlier this year. As a result of the harm our clients and other brand holders have faced, we have provided our support to the filing of a Public Interest Commitment Dispute Resolution Procedure (PICDRP) with ICANN. This is a review process, which ICANN established as part of its new gTLD program, designed to help parties arbitrate these kinds of issues with registries. This is an unprecedented move for MarkMonitor and our clients... Read More
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Important Upcoming Changes at the (.FI) Finnish Registry, FICORA
As of September 5th, 2016 the (.FI) Finnish registry, FICORA, will be adopting a widely accepted registry-registrar model.  Let’s look at what this means for corporate domain portfolios and what, if anything, domain owners need to do. As part of the registry-registrar model, the .FI registry will no longer be handling direct customer care.  Meaning, all day-to-day domain related transactions will need to be handled by the designated domain registrar.  This is a substantial change and will streamline the processes for managing .FI domains. One policy change that will impact .FI domain owners is the current requirement of local presence in... Read More
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MarkMonitor Domain Management Handbook
MarkMonitor® is committed to providing ongoing education and strategic guidance to our clients. As part of that commitment, we are pleased to introduce the MarkMonitor Domain Management Handbook. At MarkMonitor, we understand that managing an international domain portfolio is an increasingly complex undertaking in an ever-changing environment. We created a handbook of industry best practices for Domain Administrators as a reference guide for daily use. The handbook contains guidance on strategic and tactical topics such as: Registration and transfer best practices New gTLDs Domain security New product launches And much, much more Click here to request a copy of the Domain... Read More
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Early 2016 dotBrand Activity: Hang on to your .SEAT; .SANDVIK is here; .DOOSAN is a goner
Defining moments for three new dotBrands occurred recently. One dotBrand publicly announced a migration away from.COM, another ceased to exist, and a third registered 95 domains before the general registration period opened thereby exercising an option to register promotional domains. On March 2nd 2016 the Swedish global engineering Group, Sandvik AB said that it would begin updating its web presence by moving from SANDVIK.COM to HOME.SANDVIK. The .DOOSAN TLD —previously operated by a South Korean industrial conglomerate, Doosan Corporation —became the only dotBrand to date to be retired. Lastly, .SEAT, a TLD operated by SEAT, S.A. (a Spanish car company), ramped... Read More
Product Marketing Manager, Domain Management
New gTLD Quarterly Report
Check out our new gTLD (NgTLD) Quarterly Report, which delivers unique insight into the new gTLD Program. It provides detailed information on .Brand registration and marketing activity, current trends and news relevant to businesses and brand owners. Report highlights include: Internet identifier NgTLDs are popular among squatters, with some TLDs experiencing up to 40% squat rates.   While 45% of .Brands have delegated, the majority are still working on their ‘go to market’ launch strategies.   Sunrise registration phase domain fees in 2013 averaged $275 per year. The 2015 average was over $1,000 per domain and the trend continues…   Click here... Read More


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