Senior Program Manager
Study: Holiday-themed New gTLDs Ignored by Brands and Speculators
In my mind, if there was anything that the new gTLDs seemed to hold great promise for, it was the fun and unique marketing opportunities some of the more specific extensions offered.  There are several “holiday” themed TLDs that seem obvious candidates for creative marketers to employ. However, while it is true that we are seeing some adoption of the new gTLDs by banks and celebrities, and by company specific .Brands, the holiday-themed TLDs are being largely ignored.  The billboards I envisioned emblazoned with the call to action to “Visit” or holiday promotions being advertised in television commercials for “”... Read More
Former Policy Counselor for MarkMonitor
ICANN 58 Recap
MarkMonitor joined our internet governance colleagues in Copenhagen, Denmark for ICANN 58 in early March. It’s a busy time for brand owners, as we discussed Subsequent Rounds of the New gTLD Program, Rights Protection Mechanisms, online abuse and Registration Directory Services (Whois) and met with partners about Registry launches, brand concerns and more. It’s a big year for brand owners, with key policy issues on the table for milestone decision-making, and many factors to consider to balance brand interests with other internet governance concerns like privacy, data collection, government positions and infrastructure operations. For the first time, MarkMonitor was proud to... Read More
Domain Services Manager
Early 2016 dotBrand Activity: Hang on to your .SEAT; .SANDVIK is here; .DOOSAN is a goner
Defining moments for three new dotBrands occurred recently. One dotBrand publicly announced a migration away from.COM, another ceased to exist, and a third registered 95 domains before the general registration period opened thereby exercising an option to register promotional domains. On March 2nd 2016 the Swedish global engineering Group, Sandvik AB said that it would begin updating its web presence by moving from SANDVIK.COM to HOME.SANDVIK. The .DOOSAN TLD —previously operated by a South Korean industrial conglomerate, Doosan Corporation —became the only dotBrand to date to be retired. Lastly, .SEAT, a TLD operated by SEAT, S.A. (a Spanish car company), ramped... Read More
Former Policy Counselor for MarkMonitor
ICANN Update:  Whois and New gTLD Program PDPs Launched, New CEO Announced, Privacy Accreditation Moves Forward
As promised, 2016 is off to a busy start at ICANN, with important discussions about Whois/Registration Directory Services, subsequent rounds of the New gTLD Program and internet governance already underway, and more to come.  Brand owner concerns will be front and center in the coming months, as community stakeholders set priorities and begin discussions of key challenges and desired results.  Next Generation Whois – Registration Directory Services (RDS) PDP Launches ICANN launched the policy development process (PDP) for the next generation of Whois, called Registration Directory Services (RDS), in January after calling for volunteers at the end of the year.  (It’s... Read More
Portfolio Marketing Director
New gTLD Quarterly Report
Check out our new gTLD (NgTLD) Quarterly Report, which delivers unique insight into the new gTLD Program. It provides detailed information on .Brand registration and marketing activity, current trends and news relevant to businesses and brand owners. Report highlights include: Internet identifier NgTLDs are popular among squatters, with some TLDs experiencing up to 40% squat rates.   While 45% of .Brands have delegated, the majority are still working on their ‘go to market’ launch strategies.   Sunrise registration phase domain fees in 2013 averaged $275 per year. The 2015 average was over $1,000 per domain and the trend continues…   Click here... Read More


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