Senior Product Marketing Manager, Brand Protection and AntiPiracy
How Kodi is changing the piracy landscape
  Kodi® is a downloadable, open source software media player that is compatible with TVs, computers, smartphones and video game systems. It allows users to access their content from local and network storage and stream it on any device. Originally designed in 2004 for Microsoft’s Xbox (when it was known as XBMC™), Kodi’s open-source nature quickly attracted pirates and hackers seeking to distributed unauthorized content. Today, there is a thriving black market of add-ons and apps which give free access to subscription services. Pirates have flooded marketplaces with ‘fully-loaded’ Kodi boxes promising access to premium content. Consumers often buy into this... Read More
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Brand Protection and AntiPiracy
Best Practices for Protecting Digital Content from Video Streaming Piracy
Faster Internet speeds and increasing adoption of mobile devices means streaming is quickly becoming a preferred way to consume video content. It’s not surprising that online pirates have quickly adapted and are looking to profit from the illegal distribution of content via streaming media channels. MarkMonitor saw an increase in the number of copyright infringements detected across streaming sites over the past 18 months and infringing video streaming content has grown faster than any other content type: 449 percent growth in TV titles and 269 percent growth in movie titles. Rights holders need to stay on the top of this emerging... Read More
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Brand Protection and AntiPiracy
It’s Popcorn Time!
Despite their popularity among millions of users, torrent sites are gradually losing their appeal for online pirates in favor of streaming content. Streaming doesn’t require waiting for a download or additional storage space – content can be consumed instantly.  As a Bit Torrent powered streaming app, Popcorn Time allows users to watch thousands of the latest movies instantaneously – and at no extra cost. Moreover, it provides an attractive interface which closely resembles those of popular video streaming services. Popcorn Time is open source software with an installer and project files available on the Internet. It includes the collaboration website, GitHub, ... Read More
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Senior Product Marketing Manager, Brand Protection and AntiPiracy
Using Piracy Data to Understand Media Demand and Recover Lost Revenue
Media companies around the globe can use piracy data to get visibility into global piracy consumption trends and the most popular file sharing networks. This data can be turned into actionable intelligence to help make smarter decisions regarding the acquisition and distribution of digital content across the globe. Let’s look at how data around timing of infringement are occurring can help TV networks and copyright owners understand media consumption patterns of how, where and when copyrighted material is being used. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="643"] (Source: MarkMonitor GDPI data) The number of instances of piracy infringement across cable, commercial broadcast and premium... Read More
Until recently, digital pirates have used both P2P sites and cyberlockers to upload and share pirated content. But as Internet connection speeds have increased, the piracy landscape has changed, and the appearance of streaming content has proliferated. In fact, 38% of online sporting fans are watching live streaming of their favorite events. However, the recent introduction of live streaming apps is further compounding issues surrounding online piracy, as they are quickly gaining popularity with one of these apps hitting a million users in its first ten days of availability. Although these apps have only existed for a few months, they are... Read More


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