Everyone likes a good deal on the web but US consumers appear to be particularly in love with shopping for a bargain.  Internet Retailer reported the results of  a recent survey which found that 75% of participating US consumers cited price as the prime motivation in making a purchase online. Rakuten, a large Asian e-commerce site, surveyed 5,300 consumers in a dozen countries and found that globally 61% of all respondents selected price as the top factor in purchase decisions. Counterfeiters are aware of our penchant for a good deal and are adept at intercepting bargain hunting consumers as we found in... Read More
In our series on “Brand Protection & Social Media” blog posts, we highlight how brand protection adds an important dimension to social media strategy and showcases best practices.  In our last post we started at the beginning:  establishing your brand in social media channels with brand protection in mind. We all know that social media provides a wonderful opportunity to listen to your audience and the global conversation about your brand. It’s important to know that brandjackers are listening, too, and may be participating in that conversation by impersonating your brand. We’re not talking about well-intentioned fans who wish to show... Read More
Social media is on the mind of every business person. Whether you’re just starting to craft a social media strategy or evolving it further, brand protection needs to be a critical component. Why? Along with the advantages of brand building and customer engagement that social media delivers, come major risks. The ability to identify, and more importantly, take action against brand hijackers, impersonators and others who seek to tarnish your brand are critical in today’s digital ecosystem. This blog post is the first in a series of posts discussing challenges and best practices associated with brand protection in the social media... Read More
Spending on Internet advertising is growing faster compared to spending on other media such as television, radio, outdoor, newspapers, magazines and cinema.  According to a recent study released by Nielsen, Internet ad spending in Q1 of this year grew double digits, 12.1%, compared to last year. Conversely, magazine spending declined by 1.4% compared to last year. As marketers allocate more of their budgets to Internet advertising, they are becoming increasingly cognizant how history demonstrates that what marketers do, scammers copy.  Scammers often hijack popular brands online which in turn increases overall online marketing costs. However, brands know that curbing brand abuse online... Read More
.Brand Applications Account for One Third of All New gTLD Applications ICANN announced today that they received a total of 1930 New gTLD applications from 60 countries for 1408 unique strings. Of the 1930 applications received, .Brands accounted for 664 of them. Sectors applying for .Brand TLDs include: Sector # of .Brand Applications “Technology” 77 “Media” 72 “Financial” 71 “Manufacturing” 56 “Online” 49 “Services” 46 “Auto” 43 “Insurance”  36 “Retail” 35 “Travel” 26 “CPG” 24 “Pharma” 22 “Luxury” 20 “Apparel” 7 There are an additional 80 .Brand TLDs which we have classified as “Other”, as they do not fall into any... Read More


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