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A ccTLD Paradigm Shift (Part II): The Evolution Continues
It used to be that ccTLD domains were only used to target the ccTLD’s country and — if transactions were possible — the local currency would be supported. Language is not necessarily a determining factor for ccTLDs as the idea in creating ccTLDs is that they are for a country or region. A best practice is to get a good SEO expert onboard if the intent is to target global users with ccTLDs like in the examples below, because search engines give ccTLDs geo-specific indicators to help with providing relevant results to users. Secondary Meanings, Second Level Domains and Liberalization One... Read More
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A ccTLD Paradigm Shift (Part I): Expansion and Registry Rebranding
The growth rate of country-code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs) indicates that they are here to stay. In 2017, ccTLD expansion totaled 3.9 percent, with uses continuing to evolve since the launch of new gTLDs in 2013. You might wonder how this can be, since a ccTLD is a two-character TLD used by a country or independent territory; whereas new gTLDs are generally country-neutral and can be considered generic and descriptive of communities, brands, etc. Following the ICANN 2012 application round of new generic TLDs, 1,230 TLDs were added to the internet and have had an equivocal impact on the domain name... Read More
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Important Upcoming Changes at the (.FI) Finnish Registry, FICORA
As of September 5th, 2016 the (.FI) Finnish registry, FICORA, will be adopting a widely accepted registry-registrar model.  Let’s look at what this means for corporate domain portfolios and what, if anything, domain owners need to do. As part of the registry-registrar model, the .FI registry will no longer be handling direct customer care.  Meaning, all day-to-day domain related transactions will need to be handled by the designated domain registrar.  This is a substantial change and will streamline the processes for managing .FI domains. One policy change that will impact .FI domain owners is the current requirement of local presence in... Read More
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ccTLD Strategies for Global Expansion
By 2020 the number of internet users worldwide is expected to surpass five billion. This will be 64% of the planet, a huge jump from the .04% of us who were online back in 1995 and the 46% online today. These vast numbers are supported by a growing domain name space. While there’s been a lot of attention paid to new gTLDs, the growth in domain name registrations has also been powered by the growth of country-code top-level domains known as ccTLDs. There are over 300 million registered domain names of which almost half are ccTLDs. The most popular ccTLDs are... Read More
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The International Trademark Association's Annual Meeting is quickly approaching and we're excited to join the Intellectual Property community to share insights. Since the last meeting, we've been witnessing a sea of change and we expect these changes to continue. ICANN's launch of new gTLDs and the Trademark Clearinghouse mark a new set of challenges and possible opportunities for brands as they manage their domain portfolios and Internet presence in the expanded namespace. INTA 2013 is a great forum to learn how to navigate these changes and how they will affect your trademarks, brands and business. There are many fascinating sessions throughout the... Read More


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