Last week, MarkMonitor hosted a webinar with Internet Retailer and our guest speaker from 1-800-FLOWERS.COM on the topic of How to Reduce Traffic Diversion & Other Cyber Abuse.   During the webinar, we polled audience members to gauge what their top challenge is in managing their brands online.  We learned that 60% of those polled felt that cybersquatting and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) abuse – two prevalent forms of traffic diversion – were their top concerns, more so than other types of cyber abuse. While the results may incorporate some selection bias – it is very possible that our webinar attracted more brand... Read More
We released the Summer 2008 edition of our Brandjacking Index earlier this week.   You can download a copy of the report here.  We publish this report to shed light on the variety of brand abuses that target leading brands and to demonstrate how those abuses can harm the public as well as brands. For the second year in a row, we analyzed the state of the online pharmaceuticals market and examined online pharmacies, online advertising and B2B exchanges. We used six popular prescription drugs as our filter and found almost 3,000 online pharmacies offering one or more of these drugs; only two of the... Read More
Are you tired about all the hoopla over the recent ICANN meeting in Paris and the decisions made there? The most controversial is the decision to open-up the web to more top-level domains (.tld). In brief, brandholders and others will be able to create new custom .tld’s. These might include generic ones like .car or .pharmacy or brand-based ones like .acecarcompany. Some of the media predictions for this new practice are dire and disturbing while other reactions are more even-handed. BusinessWeek looks into their crystal ball and sees a “nightmare” and the legal and intellectual property community preach caution. We’d suggest brandholders adopt... Read More


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