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MarkMonitor’s Top Tips for Protecting Your Organization Online
This blog originally appeared in Public Interest Registry. U.S. Congress designated the month of June as the National Internet Safety Month and so there’s no better time to discuss how to keep organizations safe and secure online. To help raise internet security awareness, Public Interest Registry asked our team at MarkMonitor, one of the most experienced corporate registrars managing some of the most highly trafficked domains, to share some tips that will help nonprofit organizations stay safe on the World Wide Web, in particular when it comes to domain name system security. While the industry has committed significant resources to ensuring the... Read More
Spam levels have declined dramatically since the March 16 takedown of Rustock, the world’s largest botnet, but how long will this victory last?  Rustock was responsible for sending almost half of all global spam and up to 44 billion spam emails per day.  The spam was mainly emails that linked to websites offering counterfeit pharmaceutical drugs.  Since the Rustock takedown, Viagra and Cialis spam emails have declined 75 percent, and security vendors have noted that Rustock has not become active again.  The takedown is certainly a positive development, but pharmaceutical brand owners have good reason to remain cautious. The key reason... Read More


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