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New gTLD winds of change continue to shift
Gaining access to information on the ever-changing new gTLD ecosystem remains paramount to domain registration strategies and to maintaining a successful domain portfolio. To date, more than 1,200 new generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs), have been delegated, including: Geographic terms (.NYC, .LONDON, .OSAKA) Generics (.FILM, .FASHION, .SPORT) Brands (called ‘dotbrands’ and applied for in a brand’s own name) A TLD is considered delegated once it has been added to the internet’s authoritative database, the Root Zone. TLDs are delegated to the respective registry operator by ICANN, but the registry operator sets the timetable as to when, if ever, to launch the... Read More
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Are defensive gTLD registrations worth it?
New generic top-level domains (gTLDs) have been on the radar of C-level teams for a number of years now, and they are still just as hotly debated as they were when they were first introduced. With 1,200 gTLDs already delegated and more to come, they will continue to be a primary focus for brands looking to maintain a strong online presence. There is one particularly interesting trend in this field that stands out: the number of brands registering gTLDs not for creative reasons, but for defensive ones. There are those cases where defensive registrations may make sense. A famous case in... Read More
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In an effort to facilitate discussions around issues of trademark protection, malicious behavior and other program details within the new gTLDs, ICANN will be hosting a series of events.   The events are scheduled to occur:  Wednesday, June 24th in Sydney during the 35th ICANN Meeting Monday, July 13th in New York Wednesday, July 15th in London Friday, July 24th in Hong Kong TBD in Abu Dhabi Additional locations are under consideration, as well as a series of topic-specific webinars.   All events are free of charge, but space is limited and preference will be given to first-time attendees to any of the... Read More
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