So my prediction from last year that “ICANN will open the new gTLD application period without any glitches” could not have been more wrong. And yes – I  actually used the word ‘glitches’. That said, I was correct in saying that many would be surprised by the number of new gTLD applications submitted. Unfortunately, I was also correct in saying that we would continue to see security breaches at both the Registry and Registrar levels, with the sophistication of these attacks beginning to increase. Regardless of my crystal-ball gazing skills, it’s been another incredibly eventful year, and below are the Top 10... Read More
As a result of ICANN’s IDN ccTLD Fast Track process, which was launched in November of last year, a number of new ccIDNs (Country Code Internationalized Domain Names) have been successfully added to the root including: China (.中国, .中國), Egypt (.مصر), Hong Kong (.香港 ), Russia (.рф), Saudi Arabia (.السعودية), Taiwan (.台湾, .台灣) and the UAE (.امارات).   And earlier this month, five additional countries / territories were approved by the ICANN Board including: Sri Lanka (.இலங்கை), Thailand (.ไทย), Palestinian Territory (.فلسطين), Tunisia (.تونس) and Jordan (.الاردن).   With so many new registration possibilities available, and several Sunrise periods quickly approaching,... Read More
Last week, ICANN’s Tina Dam appeared on CNN’s, “Qwest Means Business” discussing the importance of IDN ccTLDs. When asked whether having non-Latin domain names might contribute to greater confusion, Tina Dam stated that she did not see any reason why non-native speakers would need to access websites in other languages. Of course, I am sure that those protecting brands across the globe, would beg to differ.  Additional information regarding the interview is available at CircleID Read More
All indications from the ICANN meetings in Seoul are that significant delays for the release of new gTLDs (Generic Top Level Domains) are expected. According to Rod Beckstrom, ICANN’s CEO, new gTLDs will be made available when, “we've adequately addressed the important issues that are on the table.” These important issues include efforts to address malicious conduct, root scaling, economic analysis, trademark protections, and vertical separation as related to the new gTLDs. Consequently, no timelines for the launch of new gTLDs have been released. ICANN had most recently stated that the application period would begin in the second half of 2010.... Read More
By now, most companies have begun the process to understand how the introduction of new gTLDs (Generic Top-Level Domains) will impact their respective businesses. Some companies are considering submitting applications to operate their own branded gTLDs. Many others are focused on how to address the anticipated launch of new gTLDs defensively, in terms of application objection filing and responding to abuse when the new extensions begin appearing in the root. Of course, we are optimistic that new policies will be adopted by ICANN to mitigate risks of brand abuse in the new gTLDs, based on ICANN’s recent creation of the IRT... Read More
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