It has been a banner week for brands battling counterfeiting and piracy on the web. Earlier this week, ICE shut down a few hundred sites while Chanel, in a landmark case, gained control over 600 sites. Moreover, Chanel was granted a court order to stop traffic leading to those sites from popular search and social sites including Facebook, Yahoo!, Bing, Twitter & Google. While some feel that this decision is too broad, we hope that this judgment will help companies protect their brands and the consumers that love them. Read More
In August of 2009, Louis Vuitton (LVMH) won a closely-watched lawsuit against web-hosting company, Akanoc. The fashion giant claimed that Akanoc provided support to Chinese trademark and copyright pirates that sold counterfeit versions of their merchandise. In September of 2011, that ruling was upheld by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal. This is a significant case for brands and intellectual property protection, a ‘landmark’ according to WWD reporter, Alexandra Steigrad. A core issue in the lawsuit was the finding that the web hosting firm ‘knowingly’ allowed sites to sell goods that infringed on Louis Vuitton copyrights and trademarks. Damages have been... Read More
New York’s Federal Court recently awarded luxury fashion brand Tory Burch $164 million in damages against online counterfeiters. It is believed to be the largest issued award in the fashion industry and is a record breaking victory against a group of counterfeiters that set up hundreds of rogue websites which sold fake versions of the company’s signature apparel and accessories. These professional looking sites appeared to be associated with the brand as they displayed the company’s logos, product images and detailed product descriptions drawn directly from the official Tory Burch website. Many of these fake sites also included domain names that... Read More
On November 29, 2010, the Supreme Court denied certiorari in the Tiffany v. eBay case out of the influential Second Circuit.  That court had found in favor of online marketplace eBay in a suit brought by Tiffany, Inc., charging contributory trademark infringement where eBay posted listings that offered counterfeit silver Tiffany jewelry for sale.  Tiffany (NJ), Inc. v. eBay, Inc., 600 F.3d 93 (2d Cir.), cert. denied, 2010 U.S. LEXIS 9355 (2010).  Tiffany had sent hundreds of complaints to eBay, which had taken down the specific listings complained of but refused to stop other listings that purported to sell Tiffany silver... Read More
Earlier this year, the Kentucky Court of Appeals overturned a seizure and forfeiture order for 141 domains used to promote, conduct or advance illegal gambling. The list of 141 domains contained popular gambling sites including:,,,,,,,,,, and The Kentucky Court of Appeals concluded that Internet domain names were not gambling devices, and as such were not subject to forfeiture. The appellate panel also stated that only the General Assembly should be allowed to determine whether domain names are defined as gambling devices – not the courts or the state Justice Cabinet. However,... Read More
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