MarkMonitor recently completed a survey of our corporate client base in an effort to uncover important domain name trends relating to defensive domain name registrations, New gTLDs, and Whois accuracy. Not surprisingly, the survey revealed that over 90% of corporate portfolios currently consist of defensive registrations. The survey also revealed that New gTLDs are of significant concern to large corporations. Fifty-five percent of the respondents stated that New gTLDs will create opportunities for brand harm or confusion. And just over half stated that their online policing efforts will need to increase. Interestingly enough, about 75% of the respondents do not expect... Read More
When the ICM Registry initially launched .XXX last year, the notion of a ‘registration block’ was a fairly novel idea. Essentially, the ICM Registry allowed companies who were not part of the “global adult entertainment industry”, to seek permanent removal of names matching their trademarks from the general pool of names available for registration for a low-cost fee. Many saw this move by the ICM Registry as a genuine attempt to protect the rights of brand owners, while others saw it as yet another mechanism for generating revenue from rights owners under the guise of a   “Sunrise Period.” While most brand... Read More
In an effort to dispel some of the myths and hyperbole in Europe about ACTA following the outcry against SOPA, several intellectual property rights organizations have teamed up to create It's a great resource for factual information and talking points about ACTA. Read More
Why in the world would any company sign-up for a “New gTLD Application Monitoring Service” when ICANN intends to publicly post all applications on May 1st? Domain Name Watching and Trademark Watching Services make perfect sense when new registrations and applications are being submitted and granted on a daily basis. I think that we can all easily agree that trying to understand new domain name and trademark registrations without an automated service would be nearly impossible. And when ICANN eventually moves away from these discrete application rounds, I will be the first one to recommend an Application Watching Service. However, as... Read More
In a move that reinforces their communication of support for creating a brand rights holder-friendly environment, the ICM registry, who operate the .XXX registry, have begun to take independent and unique action to thwart brand abuse. According to this post in World Trademark Review, it appears that they have created their own way to act on obviously infringing names. It seems like this is an opportunity to remove names from the ICM .XXX registry without lengthy litigation or complicated UDRP proceedings. Is this a model that could work in the new expanding domain naming environment and will rights holders be happy... Read More


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