Last Friday, Epsilon, an email marketing firm that serves approximately 2,500 clients and sends about 40 billion marketing messages for clients annually, reported that someone hacked into its computer system and stole an unknown number of e-mail addresses and names. The scale of the problem became clearer over the weekend and by Monday, some of the nation’s largest banks and corporate brand names began alerting their customers to be on the lookout for fraudulent emails. Fraudsters now have access to names and active email accounts, coupled with information about which particular brands individuals have relationships with. Having access to this kind... Read More
The MarkMonitor fourth quarter 2010 Fraud Intelligence Report is now available.  The headline findings are: Phishing Attacks Continue to Decline, Decreasing a Fifth Phish attack volume declined 19% from the previous quarter to 85,494 attacks. The Number of Organizations Targeted Shows Little Change The number of targeted organizations declined 1% from the third quarter to 462. Attacks per Organization Continue to Decline Attacks per organization declined 18% from Q3 2010 to 185. Financial Sector Extends Lead as Most Popular Phishing Sector The Financial sector accounted for 55% of phish attacks in the fourth quarter of 2010, while the Payment Services sector... Read More
A widespread scam leveraging a well-known airline brand was recently detected on a major social networking site.  The scam was designed to gain access and control of large personal networks and to harvest personal information for potential future scams, such as spear phishing attacks.   This non-traditional scam, timed for the holiday season, is distributed via posts to friends’ walls.  The post claims to offer free holiday airplane tickets from a leading airline: Free Holiday Travel From [BRAND] http://[BRAND] [BRAND] is giving away tickets for the holidays Only from [BRAND] Airlines When the link is clicked, a landing page appears which prompts... Read More
MarkMonitor will now issue Fraud Intelligence Reports on a quarterly basis and will include: New industry data for emerging phishing sectors Quarterly trends of phish attacks grouped by primary attack sectors, internet transaction sectors, other internet sectors, and the government sector Geographical phishing data for targeted brands, by regions and by key countries within each region The headline findings for the second and third quarters of 2010 are as follows: No Third Quarter Spike in Phishing Attacks Historically, phishing attacks spike in Q3. The third quarter of 2010 did not follow that pattern.  In the second quarter of 2010, phish attack... Read More
Beginning this month, MarkMonitor will be sharing a new, monthly Fraud Intelligence Report with customers and other interested parties in our blog. The goal of the report is to provide timely analysis of developing trends and new threats in the fraud landscape. The Fraud Intelligence Report will complement the current MarkMonitor analysis as provided in the semi-annual Brandjacking Index® reports and customer reports. The headline findings of the April 2010 Fraud Intelligence Report are: Phishing Attack Volume Continues to Grow Phishing attack volume increased 33% to 36,557 attacks in April, continuing the growth trend from March; however, phishing attack volume has... Read More


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