Until recently, digital pirates have used both P2P sites and cyberlockers to upload and share pirated content. But as Internet connection speeds have increased, the piracy landscape has changed, and the appearance of streaming content has proliferated. In fact, 38% of online sporting fans are watching live streaming of their favorite events. However, the recent introduction of live streaming apps is further compounding issues surrounding online piracy, as they are quickly gaining popularity with one of these apps hitting a million users in its first ten days of availability. Although these apps have only existed for a few months, they are... Read More
The ICANN Board has approved the community recommendation that “the provision of Thick Whois services should become a requirement for all gTLD registries, both existing and future.” MarkMonitor has long supported the migration from ‘thin’ to ‘thick’ Whois, which will improve both quality and ease of access to Whois data, thereby further facilitating intellectual property enforcement online. The ICANN community has debated the merits of migration from ‘thin’ to ‘thick’ Whois for years, as part of the larger Whois Review process. A ‘thick’ Whois, which is currently required of all new gTLDs, and will now be required of all existing gTLDs as... Read More
Wow. That’s all I can really say. Who would have ever believed that .XXX would finally be approved AND launched, total domains registrations would continue to grow at 10% year over year, ICANN would be in the process of preparing for the launch of new gTLDs in the face of harsh criticism, and that both Go Daddy and Group NBT would be acquired by private equity firms.  As we look back over the past year, here are the top 10 biggest domain stories of 2011:  #10.        To Mark Cyber-Monday, US Government Continues Practice of Domain Seizures On November 28, U.S. Immigration... Read More
File-hosting companies are the latest class of online service providers to successfully dodge copyright infringement claims.  Like online marketplace and search engine providers, cyberlockers have also triumphed in lawsuits filed against them because they were protected by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) safe harbor. A recent example involved a lawsuit filed against a popular online file-hosting service provider, Scribd, for copying and inserting copyrighted work into an internal filtering system.  Ironically, this filtering system was in place to help the cyberlocker detect copyright infringement on their site.  The suit, filed by an author, maintained that the act of filtering her copyrighted... Read More
According to a CNN article, in less than 24 hours following the September 2009 release of Dan Brown’s blockbuster novel The Lost Symbol, pirated versions were discovered on file sharing sites, such as RapidShare and BitTorrent. Within days, the book had been illegally downloaded more than 100,000 times. As of late October 2009, 166 illicit copies of The Lost Symbol were available on 11 sites. Dan Brown’s novel is hardly the only fiction bestseller targeted by pirates. Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight books were reportedly the most downloaded fiction books on BitTorrent in 2009, being downloaded somewhere between 100,000 and 250,000 times. While... Read More


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