Social media is on the mind of every business person. Whether you’re just starting to craft a social media strategy or evolving it further, brand protection needs to be a critical component. Why? Along with the advantages of brand building and customer engagement that social media delivers, come major risks. The ability to identify, and more importantly, take action against brand hijackers, impersonators and others who seek to tarnish your brand are critical in today’s digital ecosystem. This blog post is the first in a series of posts discussing challenges and best practices associated with brand protection in the social media... Read More
How much time passes on average before a link gets roughly half the clicks it will ever receive?  The answer is about 3 hours, according to recent study by, a URL shortening service. In its research, measured the longevity of 1,000 popular links by looking at their ‘half life’ – the amount of time that lapses before a link will receive half the clicks it will ever receive after its peak.  The research highlights that a link’s half-life is primarily determined by the nature of the content it points to, in addition it where the link is posted. On... Read More
In the past few months, a flurry of gift card scams leveraging such high-profile brands as Best Buy, Whole Foods and IKEA have emerged on Facebook. These scams often use the brand’s logo, website URL, or general “look and feel” on Facebook “fan” pages to give the impression that these offers are legitimate. Some scams are even bold enough to include bogus, non-interactive fan comments to add a greater sense of authenticity to the gift card offer. To date, these scams have been successful at tricking tens of thousands of consumers. In just one day, for example, a fan page titled... Read More
  Beyond the liberal use of the word “dude” applied to anyone despite their gender, I actually did learn something from @AplusK (Ashton Kutcher’s moniker on Twitter).   Seriously, a recent broadcast of National Public Radio mentioned the size of the respective Twitter followings for Ashton Kutcher and Arnold Schwarzenegger.  As a result, I decided to begin following the more popular of the two – it wasn’t Arnold in case you were wondering.   Within just a few hours @AplusK made the following post: “I totally agree with this RT @mashable: Reading: "Brand Mentions Preferred over Ads" -”.   The link... Read More


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