What I Learned from Ashton Kutcher


Beyond the liberal use of the word “dude” applied to anyone despite their gender, I actually did learn something from @AplusK (Ashton Kutcher’s moniker on Twitter).


Seriously, a recent broadcast of National Public Radio mentioned the size of the respective Twitter followings for Ashton Kutcher and Arnold Schwarzenegger.  As a result, I decided to begin following the more popular of the two – it wasn’t Arnold in case you were wondering.


Within just a few hours @AplusK made the following post: “I totally agree with this RT @mashable: Reading: "Brand Mentions Preferred over Ads" - http://bit.ly/3mNnZ”.   The link leads to an eMarketer survey that concluded that brand mentions in articles are more interesting than branded advertisements.


A few hours earlier, @songzunhuang tweeted “Trying still another Bluetooth headset. Plantronics 925. I'll see how it works with iPhone” in which he mentions two very popular brands.  When I saw that post from a trusted friend and technology junkie, I’d wondered if I should contact him to discuss his conclusions about the devices’ compatibility.


Mr. Kutcher, @mashable and their pals at eMarketer are right – but in a new media.  Had there been a sponsored link in that tweet I would not have clicked on it, but I did wonder what my friends are saying about brands I might use or need.  This vignette underscores the power of social media and, by extension, the importance of managing and protecting your brands in social media. And, in the unlikely world of Twitter I learned from Ashton Kutcher.


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