Why Aren’t More Retailers Using .Blackfriday to Advertise Their Black Friday Deals?

With Black Friday just a few days away, I expected to see more retailers actively using the .blackfriday Top Level Domain (TLD) to promote their Black Friday deals online.  To date, there are over 12,000 .blackfriday domains registered.  Registrations in November increased by nearly 500 domains, jumping from 11,942 on November 1st to 12,437 on November 21st.

MarkMonitor conducted research on the Top 100 Retailers to see if they registered their brand as a .blackfriday domain and if they did, are they actively using their .blackfriday domain to promote their Black Friday deals?  According to our research, less than a third (32%) of the Top 100 Retailers have their brand registered as a .blackfriday domain and of that 32%, 41% are company owned. That means that only 13 of the Top 100 Retailers actually have a company owned .blackfriday web presence. 25% of the company owned domains are pointing to their main website advertising holiday deals.  The other 75% do not resolve.

We also took a look at the top 100 web properties to see if they registered their brand in the .blackfriday TLD and if they did, are the usage results any different from what we found with the Top 100 Retailers.  According to our research, 38% of the top 100 web properties registered their brand as a .blackfriday domain.  Of the 38%, 29% point to live content and of those 29%, only 3 sites don’t reference Black Friday deals.

Why aren’t more retailers and brand owners actively using .blackfriday to market their Black Friday deals?  What’s the reason for this apparent lack of interest in this new gTLD as a way of promoting one of the hottest shopping days of the year? Frankly, I thought we would see more use of .blackfriday domains this year, considering that 67.4% percent of all U.S. consumers plan to shop online this holiday season.   Perhaps retailers and brand owners are more invested in generating sales from their mobile presence than marketing with a new gTLD?  Are retailers missing a catchy alternative to promote their Black Friday deals?  Would Black Friday bargain hunters even know to look for deals using .blackfriday?

I expect that next year we will see an increase in the number of retailers and brand owners using the .blackfriday TLD, as we’re only just beginning to see Brands actively use new gTLDs.  Until next year…

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